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Overcoming Adversity


Earlier this week the Detroit Pistons introduced their new basketball coach, Monty Williams.

Monty and I were classmates at Notre Dame.

When playing pickup basketball at the “Rock” on campus, he’d swat away my shots like a father playing with a little child at a mini-hoop.

 A unique athlete.

But he had to overcame adversity unlike most others in this world.

Big Obstacle #1

During his sophomore year, he was diagnosed with a heart condition. A promising NBA prospect, he had to completely remove himself from the active Men’s Basketball Roster for two whole seasons.

An incredible blow for a rising athlete.

Big Obstacle #2

Monty’s wife and several of his children were in a serious car accident in 2016, when her car was struck head-on by a vehicle that crossed lanes after losing control. She died from injuries sustained in this accident and 3 of his children seriously injured.


Fast forward backwards.

Doctors gave Monty the all-clear after 2 years on the sidelines and he ended up playing for Notre Dame his senior year, averaged 22 points. He was selected in the first round of the NBA Draft and had a successful 9 year career as an NBA Player.

Two years after retiring, he entered the NBA as a coach, and has had an incredible run turning around, and leading many NBA teams to high levels.

His new contract with the Pistons makes him the highest paid coach in the NBA.

We’ll see what he can do here in Detroit.

Things will be a little choppy at first I’m sure.

But regardless of the adversity thrown his way, I think Monty will figure out a way to persevere through, just as he’s done before.

 56-73, cloudy.

Make it a great day, everyone!

Link to the announcement in the comments below.


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