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Not a Straight Line


Yesterday November 8th, was the fall National Letter of Intent Day for NCAA athletics that are non-football sports.

Cassie signed on to dive next year for The University of Pittsburgh Women’s Varsity Swim and Dive Team.

An exciting moment …

But it wasn’t a straight line to get there.

Far from it.

When she was in 8th grade, her life got rocked just like most teenagers when Covid hit.

Two months out of the gym was enough to keep her from ever going back to being a gymnast.

And up until that point … pursuing a college route as a gymnast was all she ever wanted.

An almost impossible set back.

Then high school started.



Socially distanced.

This was her new world.

Difficult days …

Rock bottom.

Household disruption.

Cross country, track, cheer, dance.

Nothing fit.

The summer before her junior year in high school, she finally tried a club diving program.

With the support of an incredible coach who believed in her, she rapidly progressed through her skill development.

3rd in the MHSAA D1 State Meet last fall.

She found herself.

Full speed now … consumed every possible practice, and extra practice …

On the club diving circuit last winter and summer, she qualified for Nationals in USA Diving and AAU Diving, and all of a sudden put herself in consideration for a spot with a D1 program.

The coach, the program, the school, were everything that she hoped for.

Pitt was it.


It happened so fast … that we’re still just kind of pinching ourselves.

It’s my favorite story …

The set backs.

And because Cassie completely reinvented herself … which is always scary … and never easy.

Batting practice for life.

Keep trying.

Support systems.

Keep looking to ‘find your spot’ in this world … what do you do well .. how do you find that?

Great coaches and mentors can change the entire trajectory of someone’s life … incredibly noble.


Change is hard, but it’s inevitable.

Who believes in you? …

Do you believe in yourself? …

Did you ever stop believing?

Who has your back?

You never know what someone else may be going through … always show grace.

When do you push .. when do you pull back? …

Is life ever fair?

Is life ever easy?

Rock bottom doesn’t have to be permanent.

Never give up hope.

Find support …

Find your spot …

Above everything … we’re just glad she’s happy and healthy.

Everything else … just a bonus.

A true privilege to have the opportunity ahead.

It is no fun going through the re-inventing process.

But it sure is rewarding when you get there.

Make it a great day, everyone.

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