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New Vehicle Sales – USA – 2023


The end of Q1 New Vehicle sales results always provide a good indication how the balance of the year’s manufacturing will end up in America.

1 out of 10 positions in the USA are in some way connected to the vehicle space, and facilities for production and distribution are everywhere.

The signs for 2023 are overall positive (which isn’t a total surprise since sales of 13.7M in 2022 were the lowest total since 2011).

Outside of Toyota, all other car makers are showing signs of growth across the board in 2023.

Most new dealers still have a hard time getting vehicles on the lot, especially those selling GM vehicles, who reported a 17.6% increase in Q1 2023 sales.

“Anyone looking for signs of a recession won’t find it in the new-vehicle market, as a number of makers delivered record sales in first quarter,” said Charlie Chesbrough, senior economist at Cox Automotive.

Most analysts predict total new vehicle sales in 2023 to end up somewhere between 14.5M – 16M.

Inventory, supply chain challenges, interest rates, and inflation are the factors that will each have a hand in determining where the numbers in 2023 will end up.

Still time to go, but all signs are pointing up for US Manufacturing in 2023.

And more good signs, sunshine here in SE-MI today. 30 degrees.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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