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Friday morning tips, for navigating a corporate career, during the early stages of accepting a position:

1. Know your key metrics, and hit them

2. Overcommunicate with your manager and ask them how they prefer to communicate (daily emails, daily meetings, weekly meetings, etc.)

3. Go into the office if it’s an option, and put 15 minute place holders in place for people who you want to get to know

4. When in the office, exhibit great body language, fist bump, look people in the eye, connect with people, put off positive energy

5. Build Your Scorecard – track your trainings, meetings attended, on-boarding checklist, etc., and share with your manager

45-64, sunshine, make it a great day everyone!


Recruiting and ‘drafting’ players for MLB matters, it’s a huge business. This Saturday the Northville, HS baseball team will host the Okemos, MI high school baseball team and it’s anticipated to be the most watched game (possible hyperbole, but I’m going with it) in the history of Michigan baseball. There are two possible first round draft picks playing in the game and scouts and high level executives from every MLB team will be there. Recruiting matters the most.

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Of these which is most important in navigating a corporate career after recently joining the company?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreOf these which is most important in navigating a corporate career after recently joining the company?

Hitting the #s




Getting into office, F2F work


Other – please comment below


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The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.