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Nice trip to the west coast to meet with a tech client, and Emily joined for two days of sight seeing in the Bay Area.

I counted 32 different people mobility combinations of vehicle and power source:

Large Passenger Train, electric

Standing Scooter, electric

Riding Scooter, electric

Riding Scooter, manpower

Motorcycle, gas

Ferry Boat, hydrogen

Passenger Car, gas

Passenger Car, electric

Passenger Car, hybrid-electric

Trolley, electric

Trolley, cable (not sure of power source)

Bus, electric

Bus, gas

Segway Scooters, electric

Bicycle, cart behind, manpower

Bicycle, manpower

Bicycle, electric

Boat, gas,

Boat, electric

Wind Surfing, wind

Tugboat, steam (coal)

Sailboat, wind

Historic Pirate War Ship, wind

Navy War Ship, steam turbine

Shipping Freight Carrier, steam

Wheel Chair, electric

Stroller, manpower

Mini 2 Passenger Tricycle Car, electric

Passenger Airplane, gas

Boat-Plane, gas

Helicopter, gas

Oversized Travel Van, electric

No eVTOL sightings this time (electric vertical take-off and landing) and I missed a bunch of others as well (all kinds of new electric scooter hybrids are in the market).

There never won’t be advancements in mobility, moving people move around.

Although I could fancy myself in a James Bond solo flying plane, boat, on-road, off-road vehicle, combination someday … long walks are still my favorite.

52-77, sunny.

Make it a great day everyone!


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