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Mobility – Constant Changes


The constant changes in the world of mobility are hard to keep up with.

Hydrogen planes and trains (and plans for hydrogen ICE vehicles).

Electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

Liquid natural gas commercial trucks.

Electric planes.

Electric drones.

A fun modern way to get around on your next tour of a metropolitan area is a Segway tour.

A Segway is an upright, self-balancing scooter (incredibly self balancing … so much so that this old man got upon it and zipped around quite easily … even got scolded a few times by the tour guide for going too fast and not following along in line …).

Software, sensors, motors, chips … modern mobility.

Great look at the TN State Capital in Nashville.

32-36, rain … no Segway today.

Plenty of opportunity to make rain on our recruiting desks though …

Make it a great day, everyone!

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