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Meetings tend to get a bad rap in the business world.

People want to do their own thing, get their work done.

Effective meetings though are necessary for productive businesses, and here is what I think goes into an effective meeting:

1. Hard Start and Hard Stop Times (ideally, can’t always commit to the hard stop depending on issues at play)

2. Agenda sent out ahead of time

3. Nobody dominates the conversation

4. People are able to quickly, and succinctly convey their message and stop and it moves along quickly

5. Good energy from the participants, fun, upbeat, etc.

We had what I thought was a terrific firm meeting yesterday (over Video conference).

A lot of important ground covered, and the energy was good.

And … even a huge moment of inspiration surfaced, when one of our associates shared that their family organizes a charity that provides 10,000 meals per year to those in need. And they just signed a deal to bring in 250,000 packages of apple slices to feed the hungry.

There is inspiration everywhere in our lives.

And sometimes … you may just need to attend a meeting to find it.

57-85 and sunshine.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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