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Fain and the UAW are the authors of the new playbook on modern
labor negotiation.

Like him or hate him … he is an incredible leader for his troops.

Jet setting to picket lines.

Chanting, pumping fists, shaking hands.

He’s the labor leader the working class has been looking for.

The US near shore Manufacturing Movement needs a sustainable labor
force, and he has become their voice.

He’s already routed the Detroit 3 … more than the one in East Lansing last Saturday.

My forever complaint against Fain is the unnecessary carnage that he has created … and anyone who is in a position of influence in the industry shouldn’t.

The tell here will be if there are any significant changes to the contracts after October 5th, which thus far there hasn’t been …

Then consider the overall industry that has been impacted … and that the car companies are not going anywhere and they’ll make a counter-move down the road …

He’s gone too far.

It’s not a zero-sum game … and he has made it one.

10 total points to win, and he won’t stop until he gets 10 … doesn’t mean that the car companies lost 10.

It means the UAW will win 10, the Detroit 3 will lose 1000, and the
rest of the people connected to the Automotive Industry will lose 100,000.

People who exhibit sociopathic tendencies don’t have this type of awareness.

Regardless of the endgame, he’ll be revered by the working ranks

He’s pushed Barra, Farley, and Tavares around like weak, feeble freshman on the field against a strong, senior laden state championship football team.

Yesterday was GM’s turn, as the UAW struck the Arlington Assembly
Plant, GM’s most profitable.

The UAW has won every leg of the race through simple, consistent
messaging and a coordinated effort.

The Detroit 3 …..?

If they had a war time Consigliori … they’d make a move, instead of just complaining in press releases, about all the unnecessary damage.

Their assessments are correct … but the UAW does not care and they may just end up getting all they want if the Detroit 3 can’t make a counter-move.

What if a Detroit 3 CEO released a press release:

Our incredible offer is now, off the table COB tomorrow.

Anyone on strike loses medical benefits at the end of October.

Anyone who returns to work by the end of October receives a $3K bonus through a contribution to the UAW strike fund.

If we end this strike tomorrow, me and our corporate Vice Presidents will forfeit our salary and bonuses until March 1 of 2023.

Something drastic needs to change for the Detroit 3 … otherwise the UAW may just keep dragging this along … Sherman’s March to the Sea.

But the Detroit 3 will not react in this manner.

Instead … they’ll take the best deal they are able to manage here … and then start planning their next move in board meetings.

Readying for 4 years down the road …

Make it a great day!

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