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Lucky Michiganders


All of us here in MI lucked out.

Our natural environment builds incredibly strong people.

This time of year the weather every day is an adventure. Today, ice roads, and more ice snow and freeze coming today. Schools closed today, and tomorrow.


This wave of challenge is also on the heels of finally finishing off the shoveling last night from the previous week and a half of snow and bad weather. Now we get to do it again.


Also, what’s really cool … most locations are out of salt right now. Finally picked up some bags under a pile of snow the other day at a gas station.


I’m telling you … there is something to this.

Imagine if your biggest challenge every day was remembering to wear sun screen, and to not twist an ankle while playing pickleball …

Michigander GRIT.

Focus on work and develop an unmatched determination for success.

That’s how we roll.

We got this!

31-34, rain, snow, clouds, snow, rain, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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