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Let it Go …


Father of 3 daughters … I’ve watched Elsa sing, “Let it Go” many times over the past 8 years (the movie, “Frozen”).

She sings the song in isolation (because of her magical powers which could cause harm to others), and chooses to accept her powers, rather than live in fear of them.

She freed herself of the burden.

She let it go.


I had a few conversations recently, with people who were speaking of past events that went sideways, and still carrying frustration with them.

To be successful there is no other option than to let pain and frustration go.

To release it from the mind.

To move forward.


Let it go.


Thank you also to everyone out there who has ‘let it go’ because of something I may have done, that caused them frustration.

Drive into the office this morning which got re-routed a few times because of traffic.

I am absolutely NOT letting this go … I’ve had it with the traffic …


…. OK … phew … it took a minute …..

I just let it go.

Better now.

The drive never bothered me anyway!

65-86, sunny.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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