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Tiffany Wilson is one of our new associates at the firm, and is eager to learn and grow her career in recruiting.
She’s really shown a nice ability to influence and work well with people on her open search assignments.
She’s thoughtful and wants to do well.
Excited for the future!
Phenomenal leadership from two of our Directors shown here, showing Tiffany the path forward.
Matt Hannah on the far right, representing the SCN Hoodie.
And immediately to Tiffany’s right is Gregg Arneson.
The beyond appreciative guy on the far left is your’s truly – smiling because of the fortunate circumstance to work with this crew …. also, Tiffany brought in a big tin of cookies.
Back to these two SCN Directors.
Matt and Gregg.
Two of the finest leaders and human beings you’ll ever meet.
For anyone who knows me, I tell stories often of Gregg and Matt.
A lot of the time, it is the same stories, over and over.
How can I not though?
Gregg has served our country as a marine, and received a Purple Heart from injuries sustained during the Iraq War.
Back on the front line a few days after the explosion.
Gregg also has a warrior son who has battled through a kidney transplant and continues to battle with a life as only he knows it.
Matt … offered his kidney for Gregg’s son.
Turned out to not be a match down the stretch.
But my goodness … he offered up his organ.
Who does that ….
How incredibly privileged we are at SCN to work alongside such incredible human beings.
Service minded individuals.
Servant leaders extraordinaire.
Matt and Gregg …. everything they touch is gold.
Too good to be true.
As I’m sitting here typing … I’m really starting to question myself … do I need to give these guys a raise? ….
Thank you everyone.
Let’s keep it rolling.
I know we will.
Blue skies on our horizon!
Gray skies directly above on this February day in SE-MI.
Looking to finish the week strong, and then off for a few day trip to Pinehurst this weekend.
Make it a great day, everyone!
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