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Labor Moving?


Over the weekend, I read more about the ugliness of the UAW strike.

Intentional deception of ‘where’ the strikes would be, to throw off car maker planning attempts.

Leaked UAW emails, the goal to make things as absolutely frustrating, costly, and difficult as possible for the car makers.

These messages and attack plans … against the companies that employ them …

Won’t hear about this in a Simon Sinek presentation … no infinite game here.

All short-sighted moves, filled with bitterness, anger, and perhaps even hate.


Had a conversation with a pro-union family member over the weekend, trying to understand the worker perspective.

He was vehement, workers should fight like hell for every bit of money they can get.

Corporate executives are greedy and always take care of themselves.

CEOs make millions.

The workers always get taken advantage of.

Why don’t the executives sit down with the workers, and share the sacrifices in compensation they are willing to make to add to the bottom line profits?


Speaking with corporate executives of the Big 3, the stories of UAW workers cutting corners on the job are legendary. 

And the market is moving to electric vehicles, which requires less labor and the primary competitors are non-union companies.



There is no easy solution here.

Companies are always going to strive for efficiencies.

The challenge for workers is often times when corporate efficiencies take place, workers lose their jobs, or get taken advantage of.

And workers need to be able to make live-able wages for the work performed.

We are at an intersection of yet another disruption in society.


Without question, the US workplace needs workers more than ever.

In the last 30 years, union jobs though have dropped from 20% to 10% of the jobs in America … suggesting a steady decline in union influence.

Is the current UAW push almost a last attempt to rally the base, to see if unions can turn the tide and grow membership?

The teamsters and the writer’s guild of America recently came to terms.

Everything that needs to happen in society manufacturing and infrastructure-wise, cannot happen without a strong workforce and a strong supply chain.

What will that workforce look like?

Where will the workers be located?

How will they be compensated?

These are questions that will be answered over these next few years, because a lot of pressure is being applied right now.

Some type of change, is inevitable.

More challenge …. solutions around labor are always geo-political in nature.

State laws, visas, immigration, taxes, automation, out of country manufacturing, tax abatements, supply chain …. all come into play when labor decisions are made.

Here’s one person who hopes that we can solve all of the labor challenges peacefully and ethically … but the challenges are steep.


Make it a great day!

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