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The PGA Tour and LIV Golf Tour announced a merger yesterday.

Over the past 2 years, PGA representatives and players, have repeatedly thrown shade at the LIV Tour.

Even a few months ago, PGA representatives were lobbying US Congress members to disallow LIV Golf presence in the USA, because of the humans rights violations from the Saudi Owners of the LIV Tour .

Sports washing.

Law suits.

Phil Mickelson, a primary spokesperson for the LIV Tour bad mouthed the PGA Tour.

I used to love Mickelson, but lost just about all respect for him because of his constant barrage of negativity towards his former tour.

You want to leave? Fine. You do you.

No need to air your dirty laundry though, it doesn’t smell good.

The public communication was consistently ugly from both sides, and a huge turn-off.

In business, don’t bad mouth the competition. Take the high road, and sell your company’s value points.

Same thing when leaving a company.

No need to bad mouth on the way out.

Always keep it professional.

You just never know who you may be representing someday.

50-74 and sunshine.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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