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These are the three most important questions you should ask yourself regarding ‘stability’ ….

1. Are your skills up to date, and relevant for success in your role?

JG: i.e. Many AI and ML engineers have been let go recently in tech … because their skills are not up to speed with the current rollouts of Large Language Model AI programs.

2. What is the company momentum right now, hiring or not (if not … that is the first step towards layoffs … which means nobody is safe)?

JG: There is not a CEO who doesn’t want to grow, increase profits, etc. …. hiring always fuels growth … so if they don’t see prospects for growth .. they’ll quickly turn to making $ through layoffs …. the Jack Welch era of management … quarter by quarter … hit profit hashtag#s … is here … and companies will not blink an eye in relieving you from your role if it means making a quarterly $ #.

There are SEVERAL companies who are hiring and expanding right now. There also are quite a few going the other way. Get your antenna up.

3. Do you have a good relationship with your manager … their manager?

JG: Managers are always going to look to the people they ‘like’ and who produce before making layoffs.

If anything is missing in any of these areas … you’ll want to freshen up your resume and get active, yesterday.

4 to -1, and -20 wind chill … but we love it here in SE-MI! Say YES!

Make it a great day, everyone!

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