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It’s a Miracle …. On Ice


The 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team stole the hearts of millions as they won the improbable gold medal in the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY.

Mike Eruzione was ‘voted’ captain of that team (Coach Herb Brooks counted the votes … and selected Eruzione … ha … one of the many things Herb Brooks did in molding this team).

Nice chat with Mike at the MRINetwork Recruiting Conference in Florida.

Herb Brooks Quotes Remembered:

“I’ll be your coach .. but I won’t be your friend”

“If you don’t want to be here … then leave … plenty of other players would love to be here”

“Check your ego at the door”

“We’re all in this together”

Highlights of his Speech:

‘Miracle on Ice’ … is maybe 90% accurate … and is mostly the Herb Brooks story

They competed vigorously in tryouts … 26 players selected after 2 weeks of camp … then the roster was cut to 20 before Lake Placid

In their 6 months leading up to the Olympics, they had to learn an entirely new style of hockey (European Style) … bigger sheet of ice … had to go to Europe for this since there were no rinks in the USA built this way

Famous scene in the movie … they tied Norway 3-3 … Brooks was irate at their performance … he put them on the ice after the game, and for 1.5 hours, put them through ‘Herbies’ .. hard skates back and forth, up and down the ice … intense punishment that likely would not be allowed today … he told them after this … if they lost the next game, they’d have to do this punishment again …. they won 8-0

Surround yourselves w people who have the same goals and objectives

Have to respect yourself .. your teammates … your competition …

When they played the Soviets the first time … they lost 10-3 … but .. it was 6-0 after the first period … remember how you played after the first period … you’ve got a chance to compete  … draw on the positive .. negative thoughts manifest into downward negative spirals

Hard work always wins in business

And that’s a wrap.

Make it a great day everyone … keep searching for that ‘Miracle in Business’ ….

71-76, Tampa.

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