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IT Automation Trends


Progress continues in the advanced manufacturing world!

Technologies are compounding onto other technologies to create new ones.


IT Automation, enables companies to automate repetitive tasks in IT operations, systems integration, and infrastructure management.

Here is an update on 10 IT trends in the Automation Sector in 2024 and Beyond:

1. AI / ML (90% of enterprise software expected to use AI and 61% of all ML applications are in the Automation vertical market).

2. Hyperautomation … (isn’t everything ‘hyper’ these days though?)

3. Low Code Automation

4. Cloud Automation

5. Container Management

6. Devops Pipeline Automation

7. WLA & Job Scheduling

8. Security Automation

9. ITOPS Management

10. Infrastructure AS Code

Plenty of opportunity for convergence between Computer and Network Science, and Machines in the automation world.

To infinity and beyond!

Details of these areas highlighted in the article linked in the comments below.

64-85, sunshine. Starting to cook a bit.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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