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Interviewing for Grit


We just placed a candidate who exhibited huge grit in their life.

Got me thinking.

2023 has thrown some serious challenges into the world of work.

Because of the high interest rates and a year that started with high inflation, there were financial constraints placed on companies.

There also were bunches of layoffs at the beginning of 2023.

The work though, still needed to be done.

So it just got dumped on to others.

Grit is a key trait for success in 2023.

Any industry.

Grit goes beyond mere intelligence or talent.

It’s resilience.


Unwavering perseverance.

Best way to interview for grit characteristics …. try to truly understand what challenges the candidate has had and successfully overcame in their life. And how they did it.

Placing gritty people, always wins.

Fortunate to work with so many gritty people at SCN – Search Consulting Network.

The griddy anyone? … ha.

58-78, sunny.

Make it a great day!


Jim Guerrera

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Jim Guerrera

Jim Guerrera, Managing Director, founded SCN in 2000. Jim is primarily responsible for the development of the leaders at SCN, strategic planning, the hiring and development of company associates, culture leadership, core value leadership, sales le...

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