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Nice time visiting with a few clients in Pittsburgh, PA this week.

A great model city, of how the society and the world of work can transform over time.

Pittsburgh was formerly an industrial USA hub and a major center for steel production.

There was a huge economic decline there though from the 1950’s – 1990’s, as foreign competitors took steel market share.


Population loss.

Economic hardship.

The city reinvented itself into a hub for technology, healthcare, education and entrepreneurship.

It’s thriving now.

Now the USA near shoring movement is bringing traditional manufacturing back at an all-time high.

Another wild swing.


But will our workforce be up for the challenge?

I don’t think all of the scientists in Pittsburgh are ready to move into manufacturing positions.

I look forward to seeing how USA workers rise for the challenge over the next decade, because it’s needed now more than ever.

We got this.

66-84, sunny.

Make it a great day everyone!


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