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The future is now.

AI does all marketing and branding automatically

Employees just presss buttons to trigger AI actions

Fridays off each week

Every other Thursday off

Unlimited PTO

Company is combo start-up, VC, with huge funding and revenues exceed all debt, incredible profits

Huge bonus and IPO potential

Work a year, then retire

Can work 100% remote in company provided recline / massage chair

If come to office, incredible views of woods, company provides breakfast and lunch

Unlimited ping pong

Self management on all work, just plug into the AI algorithm and the rest just happens

Happy April 1st everyone!


I’ll tell you what is NOT a joke. The Women’s Final 4 has been on fire, and superstar Caitlin Clark from Iowa has led the way.

Yesterday, Iowa beat #1 Ranked and undefeated South Carolina in a thrilling Final 4 match-up, and Clark led the way with 41 points, and either scored or assisted on all 18 Iowa points in the 4th quarter, against a stellar, athletic South Carolina team.

She is considered the biggest star in the Final 4 right now, men or women’s, and in fact the ticket prices are higher for the Women’s final game than the Men’s game by a significant amount.

Mostly because of Clark.

She is truly incredible to watch, and if you have time on Sunday afternoon, tune in and see if Clark can deliver in the finals vs. LSU.

Highlights from the Iowa and South Carolina game in the comments below.

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