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Importance of Leadership?


It sure is significant if you look at the Michigan – Ohio State Rivalry.

1988 – 2000
UM went 10-2-1 v. John Cooper

2001 – 2006
Jim Tressel went 5-1 v. UM

2012 – 2019
Urban Meyer 7-0 v. UM
(Urban Meyer 4-0 v. Harbaugh)

No game because of Covid

2021 – 2023
Harbaugh 3-0 v. Ryan Day

Execution, toughness, togetherness, strategy, mitigating mistakes, and resilience were always the deciding factors that determined the outcomes.

The teams with the better leader got them to execute in a winning fashion … no?

And isn’t it the same in business?

Millions … even Billions of $ … all dependent on the leadership in place.

I’m curious what your experience has been in business.

A company has been thriving, mostly because of strong leadership?

Or it’s gone the other way because of poor leadership?

29 – 22, clouds.

And snow on the ground here in SE-MI … just like that.

Make it a great Monday, everyone!

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Have you seen up close, the impact of leadership on a company?

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Yes – company thrived.


Yes – company struggled.


No – haven’t seen impact.


Other – please comment below


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