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Hybrid Sandwich


There are 3 options to work life in the modern world of work.




These are not static options within companies.

A recent client offered, “We prefer on-site, but maybe we’ll offer remote for the right person”.

A lot of consulting and detail to work through.

A hybrid sandwich.

FIRST, here are my recommendations on clarifying work options:

Ever a need to come into the office?
Any travel?
Have to come in for key meetings?
What if work isn’t being handled properly, then come into the office?
Reporting mechanism to show proof of work?

1 day in office, and 4 days at home?
2 days in office, and 3 days at home?
3 days in office and 2 days at home?

1 day every 2 weeks in office, and all the others at home?

1 day every 3 weeks in office, and all the others at home?

Is there ever an opportunity to do the work remotely?
If someone is ill, but can cover desk, still able to do this at home?

SECOND, once the ball is in motion, CONSTANT COMMUNICATION is paramount.

Because once on-boarded, there is a great chance that the situation will change.

For example, road construction has absolutely wreaked havoc this year in SE-MI … hybrid workers, maybe stay home and work remotely for a while …

I’ve found a secret background path into the office, that isn’t too bad if I get here by 6am … maybe time to start looking at EVTOLs? (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircrafts, link in comments below).

37-42 and rain.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.