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An HR client contact of ours has been in her position for years.

We’ve worked with her extensively over the years, have gotten along famously.

Lately, she’s been real short with us.

What happened!!!!????

What happened, is that like most HR People, they are under tremendous pressure these days.

HR has become a dumping ground for executives, if something minor or complex people-wise needs to be addressed, just turn it over to HR.

Since covid especially, the difficulties of the job for HR professionals has been magnified, remote work, hybrid work, return to office.

As far as recruiting goes, HR is never in an easy spot. An HR recruiter can’t ‘walk’ when the manager is being difficult or unreasonable.

So yeah … a bit snappy.

But when looking at her situation more deeply, we get it.

She’s operating in a high-pressure, almost unreasonable situation.

She needs more resources for support.

And that kind of stress will affect just about anyone with a pulse.

By the way, can you give us feedback on Jonny? He felt the interview went great and he’s interested in joining your company!

In the HR world, providing feedback and closing open loops never ends.

42-50, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Has Human Resources become a ‘dumping ground’ for challenging work and anything ‘people related’ in your organization?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreHas Human Resources become a ‘dumping ground’ for challenging work and anything ‘people related’ in your organization?





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