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How to Analyze Career Options


One of our stellar recruiters consulted with a candidate yesterday, these are the things to consider when looking at your career.








They’re all important and factor into the career decision making process.

However, after going through the components, the candidate was still confused as whether to consider themselves for the opportunity with our client.

So then, here is a deeper dive on what to consider when looking at your career, because people in the world of work typically fall into 2 buckets (and these can change over time).

1. Growth Aggressive, Ambitious

If you fall into this bucket, then Advancement opportunity is everything .. because if you produce, you’ll advance, and challenge, money, location, and internal stability will take care of itself.

The only variable then is People (the culture).

But if you advance far enough, then you’ll have the opportunity to make your impact on the culture as well.

2. Want to Contribute, but Looking for Balance, Not looking to Conquer the World

Location and Stability are most important.

Success means different things to different people, and there is not an equal weight placed on any of the components in the CLAMPS model.

But use it and it’ll help in your analysis.

Analyzing SE-MI today, 38 degrees and rain all day.

No choice but to make it rain for our clients here at SCN!

Make it a great one!


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Tough news for Lucid Motors employees with the layoffs.

info@SCNteam is a great place to send resumes if looking for new career options.

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The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.