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Hiring Shortcuts

Here is a quick description of all the shortcuts that you can use during the hiring process where:

1. It’ll go super-fast

2. There will be minimal costs, very low-level investment

3. You’ll hire the absolute best fit for a position who will be loyal and make your company huge $

And the answer is …

There are no shortcuts.

If you want to hire great people, you have to hire the hard way.

Invest $ in the right recruitment lead who will sell your story to all of the top candidate options in the market.

Invest time to properly interview and properly ‘sell’ your company to those who are interested.

Work closely with the recruiter to sell the story, and to move the process along professionally.

When you find the right person, give them a terrific offer.

The world is becoming more efficient everywhere you turn.




But products and tech do not have emotions or ambitions.

When it comes to hiring human beings.

Old school, thorough interviewing and white glove hiring practices with a personal touch, will always rule the day when hiring.

Because human nature … will never change.

Getting after it on this cloudy, rainy, chilly, warm, cold, gray, gray, gray, Friday here in SE-MI.

Make it a great day everyone!

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