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Had a consulting call with one of our search consultants and a VP of HR the other day.

Helping them with a few searches, and they didn’t really know what they were looking for.

What type of person .. what type of pay, etc.

Here’s what I shared.

There are typically 3 stages to a professional career.

1.) Early Career

Maybe 2 – 7 years of experience.

They are figuring out what they want to do.

Where to do it.

Who to do it with.

Prime development years.

Pay is the lowest, but you’ll have to train and develop.

2.) Mid-Career

Prime time.

Maybe 7 – 20 years of experience.

Established in their function.

Able to add value.

Advance upward is possible.

There are always trade-offs, with moves up … and maybe their goal is to grow horizontally.

This is the big run in a career … prime time.

Pay will be high but they likely offer a ton of value and can still be coached.

3.) Later Career

25+ years of experience.

Tons of knowledge has been gained over time, there is tremendous value to offer to the market.

A lot of later career people get let go, unnecessarily simply because they are at the top of the salary level.

People in this category who have good health, energy, and are coachable, are some of the most valuable professionals in the world today.

They’ve seen it all.

Pay should be highest … key is to evaluate their genuine interest in performing in the role.


We will refer anyone who is a possible match for the role, regardless of their demographic profile as long as they possess the material qualifications to do the position.

You can pull someone from any bucket, just know there are different ‘stereotypical’ trade-offs with people from different backgrounds.

Do you want the red pill or the blue pill … or maybe even a green one?

When hiring … it’s best to consider all options … and all ranges of employment … sometimes you may just find an incredible person for the role … even though you weren’t thinking of that to begin with.

28-40, sunshine (Last year at this time there were incredibly violent and disruptive snow storms rolling through SE-MI).

Make it a great day, everyone!

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