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Helping a Gen Z Out


We helped out an early career Gen Z candidate this past week.

Our client was interested in making him an offer.

After a couple of weeks of interviews and back and forth, he didn’t want to talk about the opportunity anymore.

Just wanted us to send the offer over email.

He’d let us know his decision in 5 days.

24th year at SCN …. I’ve seen this act before …..

Well … are you 100% yes for acceptance?

“I’m not sure”.

OK, we will not send you the offer after all.

If you get to 100% ‘yes’, let us know.

Maybe the opportunity will still exist for you.

Maybe it won’t.

And by the way .. you are welcome.

We didn’t give you the weapon (written offer) for you to sabotage your career.

“Hello, boss. I just received an offer for $12K more, what can you do for me ….”?

YES, have conversations with your manager about what is needed for growth, compensation, etc.

You work there.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to have serious questions about their career with their manager.

But don’t do it with a lever in hand.

Levers break over time.

And at a minimum, your trustworthiness will always be lingering in the back of the mind of the manager.

21-39. Sunshine.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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