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Have You Spoken With Your Manager?


This is always one of the first questions we ask a candidate who has made the decision to ‘get out there’, and look for a new position.

Because if not, why are we talking right now?

The disconnect between managers and employees is higher than it’s ever been.

Particularly because of the largely remote world of work and all of the other disruptions that have happened since covid.

A lot of people hit a struggle or a rough patch in their job …. zoom! Time to look for a new position.

However, maybe your situation could be improved, with some internal, pro-active communication?

Maybe there are not systemic issues that are the challenges right now, and perhaps there are some reasonable fixes to your pain points?

Maybe certain initiatives were in the works, that you were not yet made aware of?

Maybe you just needed clarification on an issue that you did not fully understand.

Who knows …

But it’s always good to get a lay of the land with your current employer, before making the move elsewhere.

And this is coming from someone who makes a living, recruiting and placing candidates with companies!

31-56, clouds … but it’s getting warmer … (maybe I shouldn’t have written this) …. ha.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Has your situation at work ever improved after conversations with your manager?

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The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.