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Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s impossible to share too much gratitude, and boy do I have a lot to spread around.

I’m especially thankful for the absolutely incredible SCN – Search Consulting Network associates who I work with on a daily basis.

Gregg Arneson
Ellen Bartush
Tatyana Berger
Stacey Bernson
Jessica Birndorf
Caryn Blaszczak
Todd Broski
Jess Brown
Barbara Castellini
Dennis Dean
Erin Foster
Angela Ghannam
Jill Guerrera
Sarah Hamilton
Matt Hannah
Chad Harkelroad
Frederick Heegan
Elizabeth Jerrell, MBA
Ryan Jerrell
Beth Jones
Samson Kakos
Sarah Kassab
Ryan Krokos
Traci Krug
Jonathan Marshall
Alaina Martoia
Kara Mendelson
Justin Misaras
Brendan Moriarty
Susan Perris
Daniel Ramón
Francine Rodriguez
Kate Smith
Sarah Vereecke
Tiffany Wilson
Lauren Winn – SCN – Mfg / Automation / Tech / Engineering
Amber Zander

Safe travels and enjoy your time with your family.

We’ll be in Nashville … segway tours, Grand Ole Oprey, and maybe even a Honky-Tonk or two.

Go Lions!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Work-wise, what are you most thankful for?

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A great mentor?


A great current manager?


Associate who has your back?


Other – please comment below

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