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Great time at the Big East Conference Swim Meet in NYC.

It’s easy to take for granted how incredible these athletes are.

Just try swimming a length or two in a pool at your hardest pace …

Competitive swimmers pound as much as 10,000 yards per day.

And there are dry land exercises, treatment, skill training, etc.

Achievement in just about anything meaningful, can be broken down into a series of small steps. 

And the accomplishment of the small steps is almost always within your reach. 

So once a goal is established, it’s just a matter of enduring a tedious process of grinding … completing repetitive tasks on a daily basis over a long period of time.


In Emily’s case.

Swim lessons at 3 years old.

Swim team at 6 years old.

Regular practice 5 days a week from 8 years – 12 years of age.

From there, 6 – 10 practices a week, and extra training, for about 48 weeks a year?

This past weekend, she set a few personal bests … delayed gratification to the 1,000th power.

Thousands of hours to max out times in races that sometimes are under a minute in length.

The concept of chipping away over long periods of time is applicable to most things that can be measured.

So set your goals, and grind away.

Easier said than done.

But you got this!

What we’ve got in SE-MI today is a chilly, and cloudy day.

That counts for grit, right? Enduring Michigan winters?

Make it a great day, everyone!


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