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Getting Into The Right Frame of Mind

The World Cup Final yesterday did not disappoint.

Everything was magnified, because it was Messi’s chance at The Cup. 
Greatest game ever?

Certainly the best soccer game I’ve ever watched.
The similarities between business and athletics are endless.
It was Argentina’s day yesterday.
They were mentally focused and executed flawlessly from the jump.
If they played 10 times in a row …. it’s possible that France would win 8 or 9 them.
An incredibly talented, loaded, and deep team.
But it took them 75 minutes into the game, for them to wake up and hit their stride.
That’s my takeaway.
No matter the talent, skill, depth, ability, potential, etc.
When it is time to produce.
Mentality matters.


The right frame of mind is needed, to translate thoughts into actions.

In business, mental focus is critical for success.
And it’s important to have a mechanism to get in the right frame of mind.

Day to day.

Or for specific events, such as presentations, sales calls, project analysis meetings, collaborations, etc.

My Big Three Focus Moves Before Business Events Where Production is Needed:
1. Deep Planning
2. Getting right Physically (sleep and eating right if possible)

3. Visualization (a lot of talking out loud to myself, rehearsing) … yes a bit crazy, but it helps 😊
Figure out what works for you!

Hope you were able to enjoy the game and if not, it’d be worth watching the replay.

A game for the ages.
Today here at SCN … we’re getting after it.
Make it a great Monday everyone!
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