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Getting After It, Early …


Here’s my morning so far …

Got in at 7:20, a bit later after a kid drop off at school.

Office Administrative Assistant, Sarah Kassab opened at 7:00 … music playing, coffee made.

Director of Recruiting, Matt Hannah already spoke with a few of our recruiters, sent out plans, and made huge progress.

He coordinated a pick for an associate who is injured and can’t drive.

Samson Kakos always goes above and beyond and drove across town for the scoup here. And he’s already producing at the desk.

Search Consultant, Traci Krug was plugging away on her call list, getting submittals in on urgent searches.

Caryn Blaszczak is pushing through her plan on the desk.

All of these associates were in, and cranking away at work before I arrived today.

It’s a great feeling battling with hard working, dedicated associates, who always have each other’s back.

There is such a benefit to an early start to the work day.

We’re getting after it over here at SCN – Search Consulting Network and trust you are as well!

Article in the comments, on the benefits of starting work early.

27-45, sunshine.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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When working are you an early riser, or do you like burning the midnight oil …. or both?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreWhen working are you an early riser, or do you like burning the midnight oil …. or both?

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