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Foaming Up


The Foam Expo North America … aka ‘The Foam Show’, is quite an event.

Companies and people come from all over the world, putting their products and services on display.

Some Trends in the Foam World:

1. Electric Vehicles – Growth industry. We don’t want these vehicles catching fire, and blowing up. Foam products are used for heat dissipation to prevent fires in EVs.

2. Medical Sector – Wearable technologies (electronic devices as part of a piece of clothing that is worn on the body) are growing rapidly in the medical device space. Think of an elderly person wearing a gown, and takes a fall at home – the wearable device could signal an alert for someone to come and help. Same concept for the diabetes market, a growth market unfortunately in the US … devices within garments signal insulin levels within the body. FOAM … high quality foam … is used to encapsulate those devices within the garments.

These are just a couple examples of the endless applications of foam in the modern advanced manufacturing world.

63-76 and a bit overcast.

Make it a great day, everyone!

Credit J Bushnell and Amber Sieffert for insight shared here.


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