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I prepped an SCN recruiter yesterday, who had a scheduled consulting call with a candidate who is motivated for change – trying to figure out where she wants to go career-wise.

The key to a successful career is finding the sweet spot.

Working in a position where you can add value (which doesn’t necessarily mean you ‘like’ the job, but liking it certainly helps).

Working where you fit in and there is opportunity ahead.

The company is reasonable, provides you the flexibility to get what you need to get done personally and professionally.

It’s tempting to chase the $.

It’s America after all.

Amazon is one notable brand that offers huge compensation for the employees.

Except of course if they think you are a C player, which means you’ll be removed from the company.

Approximately 10% per year meet this criteria.

Here in the D, we know thousands of stories of people who have lasted from entry level professional to retiree at large OEMs such as Ford, GM, and Stellantis.

Great careers.

But politics are huge and the threat of layoff always lurks.

And often times it’s difficult to do work outside of a small, focused little part of the vehicle, year after year after year.

Start ups are sexy, and there is huge potential upside.

Stock options.


But maybe … 1 / 100 or 1 / 300 actually make it and pay out the rewards? You pick the number.

Generally speaking the higher the payout … the higher the likelihood that the position will be taken away from you at some point.

The business world is not fair, and the pursuit of efficiency and ROI is endless.

My best recommendation, is to look for something where success is achieved, you feel like you belong, and the return is market level.

Headache material trying to sort this all out … maybe grab some ice cream every once in a while.

65-85, sunshine.

Make it a great day everyone!


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