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Feeling Upward


Heard from someone recently who was a bit down.
Part of the reason was communication with someone else who was down.

All of us in the modern world have access to digital communication, phones, tv, podcats, and some of us even still listen to the radio.
Not a lot of positive news out there.

Social media influencers.
The 24-hour news cycle.
Many will do their best to throw you off your game, and plant fear and doubt in your mind.

One click at a time.

Fear sells.

And so does divisiveness.

Part of a modern career (and life survival) depends on not letting
these distractions throw you off your game.

They’ll never not be here.

Be informed … sure.

But don’t let negative news impact you, especially if it’s out of your control.

Want to be successful … run with people who want to be successful.

Want to be a good parent … run with people who are good parents.

Want to be positive … hang with people who are positive.

Less anxiety.

More positive.

Always wins … even if … things aren’t going your way.

There is a ton of opportunity out there.

Get in the right frame of mind … and go get ’em.

32-45, clouds.

Perfect weather! …. right?

Make it a great day, everyone!!

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What are the best ways to stay positive, upbeat, and productive?

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Tune in the positive.


Tune out the negative.


Find great people to run with.


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