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EV Regulation Changes


The US Market and infrastructure is just not yet ready for as fast of a transition to a fully Electric Vehicle society as many had originally hoped.

Yesterday, the Whitehouse handed Detroit automakers a ‘win’ by easing rules that would have forced them to scale back production of ICE vehicles or face billions in fines.

The relaxed rules will give the automakers more time to adjust to the emissions requirements set forth originally.

They’ll also be able to sell more trucks and SUVs, which are the more profitable vehicles and add billions to the bottom line.

It’s a blow to all of the upstart EV companies that have surfaced over the past 5 years.

And it’s a blow for the initiatives to address climate challenges that loom over us all.

But the recent rise in demand and sale of HEVs does give promise that progress is still being made to addressing climate change, just not as fast as had originally targeted.

With a little bit of help in interest rates over the next few months, the vehicle market should be well positioned to take off for another run in the near term.

Looking 10 years down the road? It will be come very interesting if / when hydrogen ICE vehicles start hitting the market!

33-18, clouds, cold again.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Make it a great day everyone!

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