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A candidate shared this with one of our recruiters recently.
“I’m not interested in that company, I’ve heard that they have an awful interview process. One of my friends interviewed their recently and he told me this. And I don’t think they pay well”.
If you are a hiring organization or hiring manager, this would be one of the worst things you could ever hear.

The word about you or your place of employment or your hiring practice is not favorable.

This will seriously negatively impact your ability to hire.

And if you can’t do this well, things will go south quickly.

Same holds true for companies the other way, with a positive reputation.

Employer hiring brand.
It is so critical, but rarely focused on.

Everything that happens before, during, and after the hiring process impacts the employer’s hiring brand.
My thoughts on development of a great hiring brand are simple: utilize a reputable search consulting firm who is deeply entrenched in the industry and follow their lead on the search.

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