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Had a nice conversation with one of our associates the other day.

The word is out.

Chat GPT and Bard and other AI platforms have entered the world of work.

People are using these tools.

What does this mean? Short-term, long-term.

My $.02.

It’s a nice skill to learn how to use new research sources, just as it was when google came out.

I remember my training on Boolean search strings many years ago.

There always will be new tools coming onto the scene to support work.

Infinite possibilities.

Largely these tools will replace repetitive tasks.

They also could possibly replace average work.

Elite work though, will always have a place in the business world.

Elite human skill will not be replaced by AI, especially if it involves B2B interpersonal work.

If AI has done anything, it may end up being that the bar is raised for what may be required to get a seat at the table in the professional workplace.

A good way to hedge your job stability bet ….

Elevate to elite.

That’s where you want to be.

48 – 72, sunshine.

All day long.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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Jim Guerrera

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Jim Guerrera

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