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Eclipse Day


Why is the eclipse today, eclipsing all other eclipses?

For us in North America, it’s because it’s hitting at a time where people live, when people are not typically sleeping, and there is a projected ‘better view’ than past eclipses.

There are at least 2 solar eclipses per year somewhere on the Earth.

Today’s eclipse though has a large ‘totality strip’ running from Mexico starting this AM, all the way through the US going Northeast including a run through Maine later in the afternoon today.

In Detroit, where there will be 99.4% coverage of the sun, beginning at 1:58 p.m. and reach maximum totality, or coverage, around 3:14 p.m. It will conclude with a final partial eclipse at 4:27 p.m.

My personal favorite eclipse story is when Albert Einsteen needed an eclipse to prove his Theory of Relativity.

He needed proof of bending light which could be seen from an eclipse.

He tried old photographs from eclipses in 1900, 1901, 1905, and 1908, but none of them were good enough.

They then tried a big effort for seeing an eclipse in 1912, in Brazil but unfortunately the expedition was unsuccessful because torrential rains shut down their expedition.

In 1914 the expeditions to see the eclipse from Argentina, Germany, and the US were shut down because of the beginning of WWI.

In 1918 an attempt by American astronomers to measure the 1918 eclipse was foiled by clouds.

And then finally, on May 29, 1919, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity was put to its first test during a total solar eclipse that was visible to them.

Now, 105 years later, we can look back at the progress we’ve made scientifically, with good suggestions of where to go to get a good luck at totality.

May the clouds be with you?

May the eclipse brighten your day?

46-72, clouds, sun, and blackout.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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