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E-Mail or Not E-Mail


Going on 3 consecutive business days without email.

Went down on Friday, got back up and running briefly, only to quickly crash again.

Our email guy was out of pocket over the weekend and yesterday, and today … we’ll see how influential I can become, to get it back up and running.

Or another question, is we’ll see if he’s still our e-mail guy after COB today.

During the spring semester of my Sr. Year in college (circa 1993), a classmate ran down the hallway yelling, “I got an e-mail address, I got an e-mail address”.

Nobody knew what he was talking about.

Today, we couldn’t have a business life without one.

These last few days have been interesting.

The positive side, is that I’ve been able to tackle work from the important and not urgent bucket.

I did miss some important and urgent work communication (but did not miss the distractions from not important and urgent and not important and not urgent buckets).

E-Mail for Me is:

Important and Urgent – Necessary
Not Important and Urgent – Distraction
Not Important and Not Urgent – Distraction

And by not focusing on email …. I was able to tackle these items which have been on the to-do list forever:

Important and Not Urgent

Some good data points for future adjustments.

52-60, rain.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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