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Double Agent Skills


It’s always interesting to see how candidates are performing in their positions after a while on the job.

During a recent follow-up with the candidates we placed at the same company early in 2022, it was another validation of the importance of possessing varying skill sets.

One skill set to land new positions.

And another skill set to grow and advance within an organization once on-boarded.

Candidate A is doing a super job in his role, hitting the numbers, but isn’t on the radar right now for advancement.

Candidate B is doing well, hitting the numbers, but also is being highly considered for advancement.

Candidate B has a wider set of soft skills, that makes him perceived in a different regard within the organization.

An interview process is the ultimate sales game.

Selling ….. yourself.

“I’m good at this”.

“I’m good at that”.

“This is when I made this impact for the team”.

“This is what I accomplished”.

“This is what I will do”.


But once you join the organization, the mindset and skill set should shift immediately.

Soft skills.

“How can I assist”?

“I want to make sure I am compliant with policy, any chance that you show me how to do this”?

“Hey you did a great job on that, thanks so much for the effort”.

“Here are my initial thoughts, anything that you could share as well”?

“I’m open to hearing what you have to say, and look forward to working with you”.

“I’m more than happy to assist you in any way that you prefer”.

Double Agent Skills – one set to land new positions and another set to move onward and upward once on-boarded.

Like anything in this world, soft skills come naturally to some.

And others develop them with intention over the course of time.

And some just never get the hang of it.

It’s ok to not have soft skills in the professional world.

There are millions of incredibly successful people who don’t possess them.

But it’s really hard to advance upward in an organization without them.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Pushing hard on a Monday AM here in Southeast, MI today.

Make it a great day everyone!

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Jim Guerrera

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Jim Guerrera

Jim Guerrera, Managing Director, founded SCN in 2000. Jim is primarily responsible for the development of the leaders at SCN, strategic planning, the hiring and development of company associates, culture leadership, core value leadership, sales le...

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