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Don’t Do Performance Reviews

As an earlier career manager and freshly minted with my MBA, I developed an incredible performance review that I developed from the textbook in my Management Class.

I repeat, the performance review was incredible.

Checklists items for all aspects of human behavior, the position, the company. Comprehensive.

You name it.

It was on there.


Nobody wanted to go over this performance review with me.

They did it.

Because I was the manager.

But they hated it.

And I hated it.

Turns out … this performance review was not incredible after all.

It was awful.

Too detailed.

Too “micro-managy”.



Now … I do not believe in performance reviews.


Nobody wants to give them.

Nobody wants to receive them.

However …. it is extremely important to have business planning conversations with team members.

Tenured associates who are interested.

All newer people.

Keep it high level.

Keep it conversational.

Hit the important topics that will help the business and the teammate you are planning with.

Here are the High Level Topics that Our Team Discusses at the end of the Year – Business Planning Season.

Recap of 2022
Sales Goals for 2023
Perspective on Areas That are Going Well
Areas That You Would Like to Improve
Areas Where SCN and / or Jim Can Assist Your Growth

That’s it.

Sometimes the conversations are 5 minutes.

Sometimes they are 2 hours.

Just depends.

No two situations are ever the same.

If you are a manager, take the time that is needed however – don’t cut it short.

And plan away.

It’s getting chilly here in SE-MI …. good news, the coffee is hot and ready.

Make it a great day everyone!

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