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A candidate mentioned this recently to one of our recruiters in a vetting call.

“I’m at $110K right now”.

But we thought you were let go from your position a few months ago?

It’s beyond unfortunate being let go from a position.

Time to regroup and pick yourself back up.

But the mindset on compensation is important.

Once someone has attained a high level of compensation, it’s almost impossible for them to forget it.

It was nice, having the dollar bills roll in.

When you are in between positions though, the compensation at that particular point in time is zero.

Then, you have to make decisions, about what you are willing and able to do to get back in the game.

Perhaps you could take a position for less $, but it has a bunch more stability, and a better work life balance?

And the upside is there to grow back into your desired number.

Maybe that high $110K is what you need to focus on for all new positions you entertain, if that’s what you feel your worth is and nothing else is acceptable?

That’s fine by me, who am I to judge what your wants should be.

A general rule in the world of business regarding compensation is this: the higher the compensation, the higher the pressure, the more likely the position will be eliminated or you will be released from the organization if the production is lacking.

The leash gets shorter as compensation increases.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t go for as high of a number as possible if that’s your goal.

Just realize, that there are trade offs everywhere in this world.

A high return in compensation $ also comes with a high level of risk … generally speaking.

It’s cooling down a bit here in SE-MI.

49-73, sunshine.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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