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Heard a great story about legendary North Carolina, Hall of Fame Basketball Coach, Dean Smith the other day.

He had a player who transferred into his program named Makhtar N’Diaye, that was originally from Africa.

The player was in a funk, couldn’t get motivated, was struggling.

Coach Smith kicked him out of practice.

The next day, called him into his office, trying to understand his situation.

The conversation was not constructive.

Questions remained.

The following day, assistant coach Bill Guthridge was not at practice.

In fact he was gone an entire week.

Coach Smith sent him to Makhtar N’Diayewas’ hometown in Africa.

He was there for an entire week, trying to learn about the culture and ways of life that he was accustomed to, so that they could better relate to him on the North Carolina hardwood.

The UAW leaked emails showed their desire to absolutely ruin the reputation of their employers … the Detroit 3.

The Detroit 3 executives are being accused of greed and being lumped in with the billionaire class in society, and their desire is for the workers to take the offers on the table for them.

These people work for the same employers.

I’m going with coach Smith …

Starting to cool down a bit … 42 – 51, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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