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Objective = Use of Metrics

Subjective = Reliance upon Emotional Intelligence – EQ, Gut Instincts

We use both to make decisions.


I wouldn’t want to be a member of the College Football Playoff Committee.

These teams are in.


Florida State, 13-0 got snubbed and isn’t in the playoff.

Georgia also didn’t make it, and some consider them a top 3 team in the country based on the eye-test.

Subjective reasoning was the reason FSU isn’t in the mix, the committee didn’t feel they were as strong with injuries to their top 2 QBs.

Other experts, argue that FSU’s defense is perhaps the best in the country, and because ‘defense wins championships’, they should have been included in the top 4.


In business … everyone has access to data.

The true differentiator then with people who are considered to be great decision makers, is their ability to make effective subjective decisions.

Gut instincts.


Having a good gut is powerful … how can it be improved?

(Much to my chagrin … it’s not a matter of expanding one’s gut … especially during the holidays …).

It’s a continuous, lifelong process, of paying attention, and learning.

Practice observing how you feel after a decision is made.

Pay attention to how you behave before, during, and after making decisions.

Question your own decisions.

Observe when positive and negative outcomes were made, and what led you there.

Practice constant intellectual curiosity.

Keep working on that gut … expansion … (and contraction .. ha).

Make it a great Monday, everyone!

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Objective, and subjective info. is used to make decisions. Thoughts on the decisions made with the college football playoff committee?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreObjective, and subjective info. is used to make decisions. Thoughts on the decisions made with the college football playoff committee?

FSU should have been included.


GA should have been included.


Other – please comment below


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