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Death of Expertise


People have always changed jobs.

Had it with the manager.

More money.

No path for growth.

It’s reciprocity for the companies, who have increasingly let go of people without blinking an eye … often times to just meet a quarterly number.

What’s changed a bit in the modern era though, is the ease at which one changes a position when the work becomes challenging or difficult.

Challenge used to be the most important part of a job search … even ahead of money, location, advancement, etc.

It’s getting hard …. zoom!

Time to get out of here.

It’s not unlike the transfer portal in college athletics.

Athletes leaving the program on a dime.

Going to the next stop on the way.

Sometimes not even when their back is up against it.

They just haven’t developed enough yet, to earn playing time.

Companies need good people, so they’ll take their shot at the transient hire, hoping they’re ‘the one’ who will make employment sticky.

What happens in this cycle … is the importance of achieving something difficult or challenging is completely abandoned.

Death of expertise.

The software industry has been infamous for this for years.

Person takes a software engineering position, leaves after a few months.

Goes to the next position, leaves after 6 months.

Goes to the next assignment, leaves after a year.

Big raises each time along the way.

But there is no value provided to the company, in jumping before the work is complete.

And there also is no true value or development provided to the employee, if they leave before fully realizing achievement in the work … taking something from cradle to grave.

It takes sometimes 2 – 5 years of grinding in a position before the work is complete.

Huge opportunities await, for people who are willing to grind and become experts in their chosen field.

Expertise is hard to obtain.

But it’s incredibly valuable.

27-39, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Are you seeing death of expertise in your profession, people leaving roles before expertise is obtained b/c it is difficult / challenging?

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