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Great golf trip to Pinehurst, home of the 2024 US Open.

Mixed in conversations and took a survey of over 100 people, from all different generations regarding thoughts on the world of work, and desired Weekly Schedule.

In the office.



Gen Z: 11 -26

Millennials: 27-42

Gen X: 43-58

Boomers: 55-73

No two answers were the same.

Custom is the way forward in the foreseeable future.

Especially for Gen Z workers who desire custom the most.

The challenge of course, is that Gen Z workers have the most to gain from development that could come through in-office interaction.

Custom approaches to not only management and leadership, but also employee development, will offer the most attractive combination for the future generation of workers.

Developing remote Gen Z and Millennial workers … one of the biggest single challenges going forward for employers …. because you have to at least have them on your team to have the chance at developing them … and if you don’t offer the remote or hybrid option, it’s a much higher probability that you won’t have them on your team to begin with.

It shall also be noted … that I am clearly from Gen X … but I am called ‘Boomer’ by the younger bucks on this trip.


A lot of friendly banter.

Not as cold here in SE-MI today … but gray and overcast.

The Carolina sunshine was a nice respite.

Make it a great hump day everyone!

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