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I had the privilege of filling in for one of our stellar search consultants who’s on PTO the other day.

Client shared, they’ll be sending an offer to the candidate, and wanted us to let them know if they accept.

Hold on … hold on…

This isn’t the way I did this 23 years ago, when I ran my recruiting desk.

Let me have a conversation with the candidate.

Are they comfortable receiving an offer?

Do they want the job?


Let’s go back to zero, bring it to where we are now, and then let’s see if it makes sense to release the offer.

OK, client, here are his questions, and what needs to happen for the him to say, ‘yes’.

Can we do this?

“Let me check, and I’ll let you know”.

OK, great, we are scheduled to speak to the candidate again on Monday morning, send the information to us over email when you have it and we’ll try to pre-close him here.

When we get to 100% ‘yes’ on the details verbally … we’ll release the offer.

We pride ourselves on white glove search consulting and recruiting service.

Corners cannot be cut …

Assumptions cannot be made …

Extra work and detail is always required …

Lasting, sustainable, search consulting … it’s not easy.

But I’m finding it to be a dying art.

Headhunters out there like to zoom, zoom.

Companies comply.

Make deals.

Make placements.

Spin offers without pre-closing conversations.

Move fast.

Apply the pressure, get them in the boat.

This is not a sustainable approach.

We always try to slow it down over here at SCN – Search Consulting Network.

Make the extra effort.

The extra conversation.

Explain the options.

Provide consulting.

Special sauce.

We’re thrilled to offer this high caliber, custom service to our clients.

The world has changed in so many ways.

But the need for great search consulting service … will always be in demand.

And that’s how we roll.

27-35. Clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Have you ever worked with a recruiter, and they just wanted to close the deal fast, and get you in the boat … not working on your behalf?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreHave you ever worked with a recruiter, and they just wanted to close the deal fast, and get you in the boat … not working on your behalf?





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