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Covid Adjustments

At the CES show in Las Vegas, many smaller foreign companies line the perimeters of the halls with their exhibits.

This year, there was a large number of companies from China, but far less companies from China when compared to years past.

And there was an increase in presence of companies from Vietnam and other Asian countries.

This is largely a result of the supply chain disruption with Chinese companies during the pandemic.

Larger companies have been encouraged to source materials from a variety of other Asian countries, in addition to Chinese companies.

And there has been a large movement in near shoring, and sourcing from Mexico as well, as a result of the pandemic supply chain disruption.

Tectonic shifts in supply chain.

Large manufacturing companies do not like being without products necessary to deliver to their customers!


WFH today, with a hint of a bug.

I too learned from the pandemic.

I always thought fighting through and going in when sick, was the right path.

I went my first 27 years of work without taking a sick day – although in retrospect many of those days I was in fact sick, and should not have gone into the office.

Flus and colds spread.

Others get sick when exposed to people who are sick.

Not a smart plan on my part when looking back on it.

Old dogs .. old men can learn new tricks.


Fortunately, with technology in place that enables remote work, it’s a no brainer.

If a bit of bug is in place, WFH if you can still go.

Make it a great Monday, everyone!

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