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Volvo just announced that it’s rolling out a new supply-chain tracker, that will allow customers to ID the source of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of batteries for its EVs … a battery passport of sorts.

It’s a branding move, because the source of materials for batteries has been so controversial, based on environmental and social impacts (materials from China, and uncertain labor practices).

Volvo is leading the pace here, and by 2027, the European Union will require all car makers to have battery passports. The data provided will include the source of the raw materials, the CO2 footprint from the entire battery pack, as well as the recycled material in the products. All of this progress will help with the recycling of the batteries in the future.

It’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues not for just controversial products, but for all products manufactured as the world turns to sustainable initiatives in all industries.

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