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Spoke to an incredibly talented individual yesterday, who I think will be a future President / CEO.

He took an interesting position out of his industry sweet spot recently and we chatted up some career planning strategies.

Time to get back to the industry he knows best.

Try to have connective tissue with every single career move that is made, so that the prior experience isn’t lost in the progression.

Engineering, to Quality, to Program Management, to Sales … for the same type of products and customers, works well because of the connective tissue.

Engineering, to hospitality customer service, to food and beverage operations, to not for profit business development, is an interesting arc, but it’s difficult to jump forward because there are gaps in transferrable skills from the experiences gained.

There is no shame in taking a job regardless of what it is, if it’s the best you were able to find at a particular place or point in time or if you took it because it was interesting to you.

But if you desire growth, try to connect the experiences every time you make a move.

You’ll have more value offered this way … which should mean more return as well.

62-86, sunshine.

Pure Michigan.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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